New multi-sports centre in Bač, Serbia

Part of the "Make a Wish to the Order of Malta" project promoted by the Order’s embassy in Belgrade
New multi-sports centre in Bač, Serbia

Last Friday, a multi-sports facility for local youth was inaugurated in Bač, northern Serbia. The construction of this centre is part of a larger project for the construction of the “Paul VI” Meeting Hall in the Saint Paul catholic parish in Bač. In 1234, the Knights of St John (now the Order of Malta) resided in this small town in northern Serbia where they built the first hospital in this part of the world.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the Serbian Minister of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue Tomislav Žigmanov, the President of the Croatian National Council Jasna Vojnić, representatives of the Catholic Diocese of Subotica and the diplomatic staff of the Order of Malta’s embassy in Belgrade, with Ambassador Alberto di Luca, promoter of the initiative.

“This project signifies our constant commitment to humanitarian causes and our dedication to improving local communities,” said Amb. Alberto di Luca. “This donation not only promotes sports activities in the region, but also epitomises the friendship and cooperation between the Order of Malta and Serbia”. Part of the funds needed to create the facility were raised last November during a charity evening in Milan for “WISH”, organized by the Association of Croatian Minorities in Serbia.

In Serbia, the Order of Malta’s Embassy in Belgrade has sponsored numerous humanitarian, health and social initiatives over the last 15 years, along with educational and training programmes, especially for adolescents and orphans.

Christened “Make a Wish to the Order of Malta”, the project was launched in 2015 and in the various editions has financed, thanks to a dynamic fundraising activity, a wide range of very practical initiatives. These include supporting children in the areas affected by the floods of 2014, funding facilities for people with mental disabilities, as well as purchasing medical equipment and a Braille printer for Serbia’s Blind Association.